Barge with cargo

Ship's draft mark

  • bulk cargo weight determination — Draft Survey;
  • liquid cargo weight determination — Ullage Survey;
  • HFO, MDO quantity determination — Bunker Survey;
  • surveys for Charterers — On/Off Hire Survey;
  • cargo operations inspection — Loading/discharging supervision;
  • cargo inspection before loading  — Pre-Loading Survey;
  • ship’s hatch covers watertightness test;
  • ship’s cargo holds inspection before loading — Hold Inspection;
  • cargo stowage and securing inside ship’s holds control — Cargo Superintendence;
  • cargo sampling and laboratory analyses;
  • cargo quality expertise and certification;
  • Cargo tally;
  • Sealing/Unsealing of ship’s cargo holds;
  • ship damage inspection

Bulk / break bulk cargo surveys:

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